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75 Minute Video Organizing Session - $165

If you are self-motivated to get organized, but could use some extra guidance while you tackle your organizing projects, our Virtual Organizing Sessions are for you! Consult remotely with a Room to Breathe Professional Organizer through video chat while we provide non-judgmental, supportive, and encouraging ideas to keep you on task, hold you accountable, and help you get organized!

During your virtual organizing session, we will utilize video conferencing technology to meet with you, view your space in real time via photos and live video, and guide you through the organizing process while you do the physical work. We’ll discuss your needs and provide a customized plan to help you effectively work through your space.


Your sessions will be broken into three virtual meetings:

Session one will begin with a 15 minute video consultation - you will take us on a tour of your space where our team will observe your project and ask questions to better get to know your habits and routines. From there, we will schedule a meeting time for session two and get to work strategizing a customized organizing plan for your space.


Session two is a 30 minute video meeting where we will provide our personalized recommendations for purging and decluttering, organizing advice, placement suggestions, and storage solutions, ensuring you feel confident and empowered to work through your organizing project.

The third and final 30 minute session will be scheduled once you are nearing completion on your organizing project. A second video tour will provided so we can celebrate your progress, assess your work, troubleshoot any issues you may have run into, and suggest any edits or adjustments as needed.

If at any point along the way you feel stuck or would like a bit of extra guidance, our team is available between sessions to connect by email or telephone to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will check-in regularly to ensure things are going smoothly, and help keep you motivated and on track.

And if you find yourself really stuck and feel like you could benefit from more face-to-face video time, additional video sessions can be purchased for $65 per hour.

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Do you have a hard drive in disarray? Need some help setting up a digital filing system on your laptop or computer that actually works? Want to finally get your email inbox to zero?


Our Digital Archive Organizing services are here for you! Our team will make arrangements to pick up any needed equipment from you and work to create an effective and easy to use system to overhaul your digital files, getting you organized once and for all. (Not to worry - your information is always safe and will be kept in the strictest of confidence.)


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