What is 'Estate Support' and How Can it Help You?

There is a quote by John Heyward that says 'many hands make light work.' And when it comes to dealing with the inheritance or liquidation of an estate, a few extra hands are often a thoughtful first step to help guide you through an often challenging time.

Room to Breathe has helped many families navigate life events that simply feel like too much to tackle alone. Sometimes these moments are difficult - the illness or death of a family member or transitioning a loved one toward a new chapter in their life. Sometimes these moments are celebratory - an exciting move overseas or the merger of two homes into one through marriage or common-law unions.

Whatever the reason, emotions are high and going through the process alone can feel daunting and overwhelming.

Room to Breathe is here for you. Our compassionate and kind-hearted team offers a listening ear and added support when you need it most. We have hands-on experience and a variety of resources within our network to help guide you through the estate clearing process. We can help prepare for an estate sale, handle content removal (through auction, consignment, donation, or disposal) and work on final preparations in order to ready a home for sale.

Let us help you preserve your family’s legacy.

Contact Room to Breathe today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss the estate and your plans for the future.

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