Report to the Command Center!

In many homes we organize, our clients express the need for centralized location to house all things related to LIFE - calendars, schedules, forms that need to be signed, lists, mail... a space we have coined “the command center”.

Life is busy- we all have SO MUCH going on, that carving out this space is a simple and effective way to keep your emotional load organized.

Things we like to include can be a calendar, chore list, schedules, kids bins (for things to go back to school, library books, water bottles...), grocery list, phone and device charging station, mail collection, weekly meal plans, return items bin, receipt drop, as well as a place for pens, pencils, paper, tape and scissors. A place where the family comes together in planning, organization and team work! Check out our new Command Centre Pinterest page with some great ideas for your “command center” and make sure to get other family members involved!