Quick 10-20 Minute Organizing Projects

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Have 10-20 minutes of free time and want to tackle a quick but rewarding organizing project? We have a great list of easy-win tasks to help you get things done, build your organizing momentum, hone your critical decluttering eye, and leave you feeling proud and accomplished in no time flat.

Bath + Shower Products

Pull everything out of your shower, giving it all a good wipe down, putting back only one set of whatever is used most regularly. If you come across duplicates or less frequently used items, store them under the sink for use down the road.


Pull your spices out of their storage space, tossing anything that has expired. Decant into matching spice jars with labels (or commit to buying just one brand of spices moving forward so the jars will always match). Store in alphabetical order for easy access.


Pull everything out and wipe everything down (inside and out). Toss any expired food or condiments. Sort into like-with-like categories and designate specific areas of your fridge for specific food items. Make a list of what needs to be replaced or replenished.

Dishcloths + Kitchen Towels

Collect everything you have, go through each item, ruthlessly editing out and removing any towels that are in poor repair, have holes, or have taken on a funky smell. Refold everything so they stack up nice and evenly, and return to their home. Bonus points for arranging the cloths in ROYGBV order.

Medicine Cabinet

Group like items by category (vitamins, pain medication, cold and flu...) looking for any and all expired items. Store each category in labeled containers. Note: be sure to take any medication you are getting rid of back to a pharmacy for safe disposal and store anything you keep well out of the reach of children.

Socks + Underwear

Empty your sock drawer, tossing socks with holes or missing mates, and donating those you no longer wear. Do the same thing with your underwear drawer, empty it all out, editing through the items you no longer use and refolding what you plan to keep nicely and neatly. (Check out Marie Kondo's KonMari method for folding and storing socks and underwear to leave you with a beautiful final project.)

Countertops + Utensils

Eliminate visual clutter by clearing your counter space. Tuck away kitchen items and small appliances in cupboards, drawers, or your pantry. Edit and purge your utensils - looking for duplicates or unused items, keeping your favorites, and donating whatever is no longer needed.

Junk Drawer

We all have one - empty it out, categorize everything, putting like with like. Pull out anything that is garbage, broken, or belongs somewhere else. Small trays, bins, or a drawer organizer can help keep things tidy and streamlined going forward. Put your most used items in an easy to access spot, tucking less frequently needed things further back.

Food Storage Containers

Match all the tops with their respective bottoms, disposing of or recycling any items missing their mate. Stack like with like, biggest to smallest, keeping the lids separated in their own storage container.

Time yourself and let us know which project offers the most reward for your effort.

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