A Stress-Free Holiday Round-up

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time learning, growing, and perfecting some of the best organizing practices to streamline and simplify the holidays. A few truly great ways to be prepared and reduce feelings of stress or overwhelm, allowing us to instead soak up and enjoy all the season has to offer.

We've shared many of these tips in previous years, but all of them warrant repeating. Mindfulness during times of stress is a continual and conscious practice. One that requires reminders, recalibration, and regular upkeep. So even if you consider yourself a holiday pro, this post is sure to reiterate some of the systems you already have in place, and remind all of us that scaling back and giving deeply from the heart trumps anything you can find on Amazon.

Below is a roundup us previous years blog posts - all written through the lens of reducing stress and maximizing joy during the holiday season. Have a read and let us know if you have anything helpful to add!

Alternative Gift Ideas to Help Simplify the Holidays

Over-doing it in December is common for many of us. The good news: there are a TON of creative ways to simplify the holidays. Small shifts can offer big impact! And over the years, we have found some great ways maintain our focus on conscious consumption and meaningful presence (vs. presents)... all without turning into the Grinch. Check out our list of alternative gift giving ideas HERE.

De-Stressing the Holidays (We Promise it's a Real Thing!)

As you can probably guess, the Room to Breathe team thrives on being well organized and ultra prepared during busy times. In this post, we share some of our best tips slowing things down this December. A list of our most helpful lists, the best things to stock up your freezer with, how to prepare your home for holiday decor and visitors, and reevaluating our relationship with stuff - Just some of the tidbits to help you keep December calm and bright.

Give the Gift of Room to Breathe

If you truly want to commit to scaling back and acquiring less stuff, we've got just the thing. Give the gift of calmness and peace for years to come with a Room to Breathe Gift Certificate. Perfect for loved ones, partners, family, or even a well-deserved gift to yourself. We can provide gift certificates in any denomination, and work to evolve any space to new levels of efficiency - offering a meaningful gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Get in touch today to find out more.

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