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Owner & Professional Home Organizer

Indianna, also known as Indi, alleviates the overwhelming task of getting organized by bringing strategy, elbow grease and a fresh perspective to your space. She takes the time to understand your lifestyle and priorities to create aesthetic and functional solutions. Talented and creative, Indianna delights in the rewarding final result where you experience a finished project from which to make a fresh start. She appreciates that life’s transitions are the perfect opportunity to lighten your load, reduce your worries and give yourself more time to spend on things that matter most.

After years working as an Executive Director for a non-profit outdoor leadership organization, Indianna has a proven capability for prioritizing, reliability and focus. By empowering small-scale, actionable steps, she has cultivated an ability to be non-judgmental, patient and a cheerleader for your journey. If it’s the weekend, you can be sure to find Indianna in the mountains on an epic mountain adventure with her husband or on the rare but delighted occasion taking it slow in her cozy home. She maintains a meticulous gear closet that makes her grab-and-go reality a breeze every weekend.


Professional Home Organizer & Edmonton Team Lead

Organizing is not for everyone, but for Shanna, organization is her bliss! This wasn't always the case -  however, over the years, she has begun to realize the simplicity and joy that come from having everything in its perfect place (bonus points when it's labeled accordingly.) Shanna's goal is to help people restore that same calmness and order in their own lives - sharing her knowledge in a patient and compassionate way. She prides herself on going above and beyond to exceed her clients expectations, always thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions for any organizational problem. With an eye for detail, an ability to see beyond the clutter, and a special knack to transform spaces into efficient, simple, functioning solutions, Shanna delights in the challenge of tackling the most disorganized of spaces, bringing a unique compilation of high energy, humour, and dedicated focus to get the job done.

Shanna is a talented DIY'er and especially enjoys re-purposing and reusing items as to not create waste. Her previous life experiences have all been a natural progression toward professional home organizing, including many years of being an entrepreneur, owning a cafe, a lawn & garden care business, and crafting homemade cards, gifts and scrapbooks. In her spare time, you will find Shanna adventuring with her hunny and two American Bulldogs, soaking up the local farmers markets, baking or cooking a new recipe, crafting and working on a DIY project,  or redecorating her cozy home (all with lots of help from Pinterest.)

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Marketing & Administrative


When she’s not spending her free time hanging out with her son and husband on Vancouver’s beaches, Jessica is balancing her work-life schedule with her own business - Bluejay Virtual Assisting & Business Support. Gratefully, Room to Breathe has been one of her clients from the start, as she assists a number of small businesses ease their administrative, creative and technical workload. Jessica has impressed us time and time again and we want to tell our clients, and the world, that hiring a virtual assistant can be a game changer!

We’re appreciative of Jessica’s high level of organization, efficiency and professionalism, and that means a lot coming from a professional organizer. We give her our full trust and that’s not easy to find in an assistant. She has high attention to detail, superior resourcefulness, skill with social media and website troubleshooting, creative craftiness, and her office management experience is evident. She is a pleasure to interact with, has confidence in her own capability and simply put - she makes things happen. Jessica is a valuable part of our team and we're happy to have her.







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