Owner & Professional Home Organizer

Indianna, also known as Indi, alleviates the overwhelming task of getting organized by bringing strategy, elbow grease and a fresh perspective to your space. She takes the time to understand your lifestyle and priorities to create aesthetic and functional solutions. Talented and creative, Indianna delights in the rewarding final result where you experience a finished project from which to make a fresh start. She appreciates that life’s transitions are the perfect opportunity to lighten your load, reduce your worries and give yourself more time to spend on things that matter most.

After years working as an Executive Director for a non-profit outdoor leadership organization, Indianna has a proven capability for prioritizing, reliability and focus. By empowering small-scale, actionable steps, she has cultivated an ability to be non-judgmental, patient and a cheerleader for your journey. If it’s the weekend, you can be sure to find Indianna in the mountains on an epic mountain adventure with her husband or on the rare but delighted occasion taking it slow in her cozy home. She maintains a meticulous gear closet that makes her grab-and-go reality a breeze every weekend.

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Professional Home Organizer

Kristen is an integral part of the Room to Breathe team. Bringing a heart full of compassion and empathy, Kristen understands that life gets busy, and purging and organizing on your own can feel like an overwhelming or daunting task. Working closely alongside many of our valued clients, Kristen's experience has proven that coming together and working as a team fosters some truly innovative outcomes, alleviating the stress and burden that tackling organizing projects solo can bring. Kristen loves the hands-on aspect of her work, treating each client and project as a new opportunity to share her passion for organizing.

During her downtime, Kristen can be found soaking up time with friends and family, playing soccer with her boyfriend, or working on her photography skills. Kristen is a graduate of SAIT Polytechnic, receiving a diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management.



Team Lead & Professional Home Organizer

Shannon believes an organized space is the most effective way we can free ourselves from stress and open up more time for doing the important things in life. With a gift for finding creative solutions and making cozy, warm, and inviting space, Shannon thrives at creating personalized organizational systems.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandon University, Shannon brings creativity and innovative thinking to the Room to Breathe team. A great left and right brain synergy allows Shannon to stay keenly focused on the small details while maintaining her vision for the ‘big picture’. An adept listener, Shannon is skilled at understanding her client’s wants and needs, and helping them achieve and maintain their end goal.

Shannon loves being outdoors – cross-country skiing and curling in the winter, hiking and dog walking in the summer. An avid volunteer in her community, Shannon and her husband of 23 years have been working hard to renovate their 102 year old home in Ramsey.




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