Whether it’s running the children around, managing your work schedule, moving into a new home, or just looking for more hours in your day, Room to Breathe is that extra helping hand you need to get everything in order in your full life.


We work hands-on for you, or alongside you to free you from disorder and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Though we have a systematic approach, we do not believe one-size-fits-all. We align everything we do with your specific challenges to meet your unique lifestyle. From whole home overhauls to smaller troubled areas, we develop a sustainable system so you can maintain order effortlessly.


Room to Breathe Home Organizing is a perfect fit for you if:

  • you expect the professional you hire to be thorough, detailed and there to serve your needs first 

  • you want long term change

  • you wish to feel lighter and have clarity about what's important

  • you want to be asked the right questions so systems and solutions can be created to specifically fit you

  • you are in a transition in life such as moving to a new home or having a new baby and want support to make it through smoothly and efficiently

  • you would like the majority of your no-longer useful items to be recycled, donated or re-purposed


As Calgary, Edmonton and the Fraser Valley's best choice for professional home organizing, we evolve your space to new levels of efficiency and give you the time you deserve to do the things you want. Contact us today to make positive and lasting changes in your home.


'I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Everything is calm, harmonious, and reflective of the internal and external environment that I want to be constantly cultivating and projecting.'

- I.R.
Glamorgan, Calgary

'I had a budget and they stayed within it and still managed to get everything that I needed done completed. I can't believe how quickly they worked. My house looks amazing!'

- D.L

Parkland, Calgary

'Ladies, you are fabulous and efficient. What you accomplished in three hours would have taken me five weeks! Thanks you!'

- E.S.

Mt Royal, Calgary

'Room to Breathe saved my sanity. They led me through the process with kindness and empathy, seeing potential in places when I was sure there was none. They never left me feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.'

- Joy

Sunnyside, Calgary




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