Minimalist Organized Dining Room

With home organizing expertise, long lasting results, and outstanding testimonials, Room to Breathe is your top choice when hiring a Professional Organizer in Calgary, Edmonton & the Fraser Valley

If you feel ready to transform your space to new levels of efficiency and finally give yourself the time you deserve to focus on the things you love most, you've come to the right place!

Let Room to Breathe be the extra set of helping hands you need to get your home in order once and for all.

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Let us help you create sustainable, long-lasting organizational systems in your space. 

Our team of experienced, kind-hearted, and supportive Professional Organizers are here to help!

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'I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Everything is calm, harmonious, and reflective of the internal and external environment that I want to be constantly cultivating and projecting.'

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'I had a budget and they stayed within it and still managed to get everything that I needed done and completed. I can't believe how quickly they worked. My house looks amazing!'

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'Room to Breathe spent just over 6 hours doing what I couldn't do in three months. Thank you!'

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'Room to Breathe saved my sanity. They led me through the process with kindness and empathy, seeing potential in places when I was sure there was none. They never left me feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.'