Home Organization

There was a noticeable difference in my mood this morning; I woke up feeling excited and hopeful!!!  I feel grateful that I am able to access Room to Breathe's expertise on calming my NOISY environment. I am REALLY enjoying my organized home!!!  The other day my husband said, "Where's the floor cleaner spray?", and I said, "Exactly where it is supposed to be".  He laughed and remarked how much he loves having a "system". Now I'll start working on the outside of the house; new windows, a garden makeover and tree removal.  Thanks for kicking off this transformation; it has been life-changing!
- JM, Acadia, Calgary

Thank you so much Indianna. What a difference you've made. It means so much to have my creative space and things back after more than a year being in bins. As well, I love the little notes you left to show me where to put my focus this weekend! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
- April, Glamorgan, Calgary

"Ladies, you are fabulous and efficient. What you accomplished in 3 hours would have taken me 5 weeks! Thank you!"
- ES, Mount Royal, Calgary

“Indianna and Paula, just wanted to relay that I am thrilled with the time you spent here. For me, was just as much about the process than the result. It was just as I'd hoped for.” 

- Kristin, Calgary 

"Room to Breathe has the unique ability to clear cluttered spaces - both physically and mentally."

 - JD, Windsor Park, Calgary

"Thanks again for everything you two did and for lighting the fire under me to get moving. You are a great team, so efficient and professional. I'll definitely be passing along your info to my clients and friends."

- CM, Garrison Green, Calgary

“Well, you've really transformed my place! In a surprisingly efficient process I feel so much lighter and happier about having gotten rid of so much stuff, while reminding myself of what I actually have here. It's organized in such a way that's not only easier to keep organized but it's motivating to stay on top of it. Thanks!”

- Igor, Parkdale, Calgary 

"Thank you. You did an awesome job at taking our over-crowded kitchen in a 500 sq ft condo and making it ‘work’. Worth every penny!"

- Mike, Mission, Calgary

"Thanks for everything today. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off me. I keep looking in all my kitchen and bathroom drawers and doing (mostly internal) squeals. I love it. You are so talented. Everything is calm, harmonious, and reflective of the internal and external environment that I want to be constantly cultivating and projecting." and "I love that you set things up so they're so easy to maintain!"

- IR, Glamorgan, Calgary

"In my basement lived an unruly place. A storage room that became a cavern of stuff. It was a place that I avoided and when I had to visit, I usually left feeling irritated and overwhelmed at the thought of having to meet all that stuff again one day. One day, I found the courage to enlist Room to Breathe's assistance. I can't say it was an easy process, but she certainly brought a sense of flow and skillful know-how that encouraged me to think toward the end goal. After it was done, I found myself happily wandering the room, reveling in the new sense of space, and loving grabbing something off a shelf or out of a box - knowing its exact location."

- LM, Bowness, Calgary

“Room to Breathe's  team saved my sanity. I didn’t know 'professional organizer' was even a job, but my house had gotten so out of control. They led me through the process with kindness and empathy. They truly enjoy their work. They saw potential in places when I was sure there was none. Even though I worked alongside of them, they never left me feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Initially, I was worried about the expense, but I soon realized they had skills that I didn’t, and that I was able to maintain what they set up. It was worth every penny.”
- Joy, Sunnyside, Calgary